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"Popped into Ian Chatfield butchers in Tonbridge yesterday! Lovely shop, friendly, well priced, quality meat & cheese"


"Sausages are great, their mince is the only one I trust. Could never go back to the supermarket. Great service too!"



Here we have a number of the most commonly asked questions about us.  If you have a query and it is not answered here please contact us directly.

Do you deliver abroad?

At the moment we can only deliver to mainland UK destinations.

When can I get my order?

Subject to demand, we generally deliver your order on any day that suits you, from Tuesday to Friday inclusive. When demand is high and at Christmas, the earliest delivery date available is usually no more than three working days from the date you place your order, but we can often deliver next working day.

I have a promotional code - how do I use it?

You can enter the offer code at the basket stage. If you have any problems, please call and speak to an advisor on 01732 354733.

How long can I keep my items frozen?

When your items arrive, check them against your invoice and then freeze immediately. As a rough guide: beef, pork, lamb and sausage products can keep in the freezer for up to 1 year from the date of cut and bacon approximately 6 months.

Cardboard packaging - can I recycle it?

Yes. This protects your goods during transit and can be recycled with your household cardboard.

Do you do gift vouchers?

Gift vouchers can be purchased both online and in store. They are available in £10 and £25 denominations.

What is the best way to store my order?

Keep your fresh meat in it's original vacuum packaging. This is ideal for storage in either your fridge or freezer. Fridges should be set at 5 degrees celsius or less and freezers -18 degrees celsius or less. Your order should be refrigerated as quickly as possible.

Can I de-frost my meat quickly?

Allow plenty of time to de-frost your meat. It is better to de-frost in your fridge. Allow 24hrs for small cuts and up to 10hrs per 500g for larger joints. De-frosting in the fridge slowly helps retain the natural moisture and freshness of the meat. Never de-frost or keep meat in a warm environment - this can lead to a risk of food poisoning.

My meat appears darker than expected?

Dry aged, grass fed and free range meat matured in the traditional Butchers' way can have a darker appearance than processed, quick-cut supermarket meat. This is call 'bloom' and is not a defect of the product, but is in fact often beneficial.

There was a slight odor when I opening my vacuum packs?

There can be a slight natural odor when opening a vacuum packed product. After about 20 minutes of exposure to the air the product can change colour and the natural odor fades. This process is quite normal.